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Slowinski National Park. The World's Biosphere Reservation established in 1967 is located in Slowinskie Sea-short between Leba, Rowy, Gardna Wielka and Zarnowisko. It covers 18 thousand ha. The incredibly scenically varied park is famous for it's dunes stretched along Lebska Tobolo, sandy beaches and rich fauna and flora.

In this are twelve strict and three partial reservations have been created, among others the dune-forest reservation, being a belt of moving dunes partially covered with forests. "White Mountains" are there, the greatest filed of moving dunes in Poland with the culmination of Lacka Dune and "Sowie Gory" with interesting mid-dune immersions and typical desert vegetation. Various types of forests have been preserved here: littoral forests, bog forests and also beech forests.

There also is a reservation established in order to protect the dune landscape with 28m high curves of old dunes, where littoral forests with a large quantity of beeches grow. Other reservations are: forest reservation, soil-forest reservation, soil reservation, nature reservation, typical bog vegetation reservation and many more.

The park is situated in the path of journeys of many species of birds such as: swans, terns and many, many more, which create their nests here encouraged by the values.

Lake Gardno. A beautiful lake with the surface of 2468 ha and the coastline of 23 km. In the deepest point the lake is 2,6m deep.

Lupawa River. Lupawa River is one of the most beautiful and attractive canoe routes in Poland. The river that flows into the sea in Rowy, begins not far from Bytów, in Nowa Wie? Lake. The middle point of Łupawa, spearing through strand of moraines, is a mandatory mountain route for the Tourist Canoe Shield PTTK. In the lower stream the river flows through a seaside plain and, before it get to the sea, it flows through Gardno Lake.

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